Pentecost Island: Naghol Land Diving

7 Days

Come and visit Vanuatu one of the happiest places on earth. From its pristine beaches to impressive volcanoes Vanuatu has something to offer everyone. Relax on the beach, snorkel in the clear water or explore other islands. Take a break and enjoy everything Vanuatu has to offer. Take a scenic flight over beautiful reefs and awe inspiring volcanoes on your way to Pentacost Island. Pentacost island is where one of the most fascinating traditions has taken place by the local people. The tradition known as Naghol or land diving is the very first type of bungee jumping. In the ancient ritual men will jump off a structure made of only local materials with twine wrapped around their legs much like the modern day bungee jumping. Learn about the history of the tradition and experience a truly unforgettable and off the beaten track experience. Please note this only occurs from April to June.

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